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"Jungle of Jewelry"

A Commissioned Mural by JULEZ BRYANT

Reinhold Jewelers, the internationally iconic designer jewelry store, founded by Marie Helene Reinhold over 57 years ago, recently announced the reopening of their newly renovated flagship store in Plaza Las Americas in Puerto Rico.

In keeping with the tradition of championing artists and their craft, they unveiled their new mural "Jungle of Jewelry" created by acclaimed jewelry designer Julez Bryant. Inspired by the rich colors and cultural tapestry of Puerto Rico, Julez's creation embodies the sophistication and fun of the Reinhold experience.

"Jungle of Jewelry"
I have been a jewelry designer for over 20 years, and I have been an artist since a child. I have created many art pieces professionally and in the past 5 years I have created many large-scale murals…. This one was different for me.
There was a giddiness and nervousness inside me because of my deep respect for Reinhold. I was so thrilled because Reinhold understood my style of art and trusted in me to do this.
I was given full creative freedom with only 1 comment” we are not a store that caters to tourism, we cater to our beloved local friends and clients” This statement said so much to me. This piece of art needed to represent the surroundings, the history, and the honesty of such a respected organization, culture, and land.
I needed to be in a place to let my soul and mind free to create and to give justice to such a special place and company. The day after Couture, my fella and I left for Big Sur.
We jumped rocks and rode our bikes all around the Big Sur forest and went on many adventures in the trees paying attention to the slugs, bugs, trees, shapes of the leaves and wildflowers. I am always in awe of the magic of Mother Nature. She provides us with the most wonderful colors, precious gems, and metals…. Something in me began to stir. On the 3rd night sitting around the campfire, I started to put pen to paper and then it started to burst out of me…… “a jungle of jewelry” I wanted each living organism to be connected to this incredible world of jewelry. I wanted to honor mother nature's magic.
I thought of my visits to Puerto Rico deep into the jungles and the mystery and glamour of it all. I couldn’t put the drawing down, for the next 3-4 months most evenings I sketched and created. Art is emotional for me because it’s the truest and most honest part of my heart and soul.
Thank you Reinhold!!!!
XO, Julez