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To my dear clients and friends,

You have seen Julez Bryant grow into the brand it is today and I am inspired each day as we have focused on our clients, friends, and team to propel us forward.

This letter is to tell you about a current project that is very near to my heart and soul. DeBeers Group and Botswana invited me and 8 other designers with similar core values to go to Africa to experience full circle where their diamonds come from. We were fastidious in our questions, never letting up and eyes wide open to see every detail of how De Beers Group treats the people and the environment. I can tell you, it was a remarkable experience.

The initiatives De Beers Group are committed to have made a giant impact on the land, the woman and girls, education, and health of the people of Botswana. I had the great pleasure of meeting The President of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi and the first lady, Mrs. Neo J Masisi a female position that has not been held in the country in years. This progressive and compassionate power couple deeply treasure their homeland and are extremely focused on a bright future for all of Africa.

Please see below for a few highlights I would like to share:

  • DBG has had zero babies born to HIV for 11 years to aids positive mothers. This is because DBG provides medications to ensure the future generations will not be motherless and the future generations are healthy vibrant.
  • Botswana owns 60% of DeBeers. Which means that 60% of the proceeds of DBG mined diamonds go back into the infrastructure and education of the country.
  • The safety measures in the mines are beyond any safety I have seen here in the states
  • The population of people of color in employment is 70% and rising in upper management. DBG corporate offices were moved to Botswana a few years back from London, to ensure diversity at all levels.
  • The rough diamonds that are mined follow the Kimberly process of mining.
  • For each Hector of landed mined they give back tenfold to the country.
  • DBG is the first mining company in Africa to help illegal miners to become artisanal miners by providing education, scales, and safe equipment to mine with. This has changed the game with arms dealers that were exploiting these people and killing the villagers. Sierra Leone is calm at the moment in part due to this effort.

They have a long way to go, as we all do.

As a result of this trip , five of us designers felt it was necessary to express our journey by making a pendant in honor of this trip. We collectively decided that 100% of the hammer price would go directly to the following two charities.

@NAACP_LDF: NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the U.S.

@SSIIintl: Stepping stones International in Botswana

Both funds work tirelessly to create a better and more equal future respectively in Botswana and the US.

I’ve named my piece “Kindred Spirits” so that we may help our fellow humans have a pathway not paved with fear, sickness, or strife but a hopeful pathway to a bright safe future.

These pieces will be auctioned off beginning December 10th through 17th.

I invite you to follow along at @sothebysjewels, the esteemed auction house is Sotheby’s London and @Debeersgroup  should you decide to bid on my piece. I hope you know that every bit of love, goodness, and recycled materials went into this incredibly special Julez Bryant treasure.

This bespoke Julez Bryant piece was inspired by the elephants that I encountered in Botswana. These powerful giants, the elephants, have the quiet confidence that moves their families along the Delta. They walk amongst their friends and foes with a grace that reminds us that every creature & human should be treated with dignity and respect. All diamonds provided by the DeBeers Group. These all natural stones are untreated and mined under the Kimberly Process standards of safe mining.
The rough diamond originates from Botswana. The coordinates etched into the back of the medallion signify the mine locations I visited there.
All gold is 100% recycled 18k Yellow, White and Rose. It is also responsibly sourced from Harmony Recycled Precious Group of Hoover & Strong.
The chain and medallion were hand fabricated & set by our master jeweler Mohan Naotunna. Designed by Julez Bryant. 

With Love and Gratitude, I wish you a bright new year and future ahead.

Love, Julez